Does Your Teen Need Counseling?

Do you have a moody teenager? One who’s withdrawn or who always seems to be getting in a fight with friends and family? It can be hard to tell, is this just being a normal teen? Or is this something more? Even more difficult can be figuring out how to help. It’s common for teens to shut down and not let their parents know what’s wrong. As a parent, this can make you feel lost.

I recently created a tool for doctors in Topeka, KS to use that can help teens and parents identify if their teen is struggling with anxiety or depression. This checklist lays out some common symptoms of anxiety and depression and how they present in teenagers. It won’t give you a concrete answer regarding if your teen is struggling with clinical levels of anxiety or depression, but it will let you know how many symptoms they have. Knowing how many symptoms your child has can help you make an informed decision about how to intervene or whether they need outside support.

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If you find yourself wondering if your teen needs help, take a look through this checklist. If you find yourself thinking “yep, several of these are my kid exactly” then there‚Äôs a good chance she’s suffering from anxiety, depression, or both. Since many symptoms of the two overlap, and often a person can experience both at the same time, this checklist doesn’t distinguish between the two.

If after going through this checklist, you think your teen may need the extra support of counseling, feel free to give me a call for a free 15 minute phone consultation. I work in Topeka, KS, specializing in counseling for teens struggling with anxiety or depression. During your consultation, I can help you decide if counseling is right for your teen and point you to some helpful resources for your specific situation.

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