Tired Teens

Your teen seems sullen and irritable. She won’t talk to you. She sleeps every chance she gets. You know something is wrong, but she claims she’s fine. You know she isn’t, but you feel helpless. How can you help if you don’t know what’s wrong?

Is Your Teen Depressed?

Depression is a common problem among teens. Its symptoms aren’t always obvious. Many people say, “But I don’t feel sad. I don’t cry”. Depression can show up in one of two ways. Way one: She’s sad and cries all the time. Way two: She stops caring about the things she used to care about. She becomes numb more than sad. As a parent you may think to yourself, “She doesn’t seem like herself anymore.” This could be a sign of depression.

How Can You Help?

Talking with your teen is a great start. Opening the conversation to be able to discuss feelings allows your teen to admit something isn’t right. However, it’s common with depression for the person themselves to not know what’s “wrong”. As a parent this can be frustrating since all you want to do is help. But how can you fight this invisible force when you don’t even know what it is?

Counseling can help. Therapy provides a safe space for a teen to explore her feelings and find the painful subjects that have been buried. Through the counseling process, your teen can begin accepting her feelings instead of feeling numb. Your teen will develop skills to find a better way of handling difficult emotions, so she can engage with the world again.

How I Help

I have experience working with teens experiencing depression. I use a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) informed interventions which help teens to better reason through their feelings, as well as accept and understand them. I also use a method called sandtray therapy. This is a projective tool which is particularly useful when your teen does not know why she is feeling so down.

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