Teen in Crisis

Do you fear your teen is struggling with more than anxiety or depression? Has your teen told you she is feeling suicidal or that she harms herself? Maybe she hasn’t told you, but you’re worried she’s feeling this way. A number of suicides for Topeka students have been reported in recent years. This can be scary as a parent to think about. What can you do for your child in situations like this?

How Can You Help?

Dealing with the reality of suicidal thoughts or self-harm in your child can be intimidating and overwhelming. The good thing is, with treatment these behaviors and thoughts can go away. During the therapy process the client, the parent, and the counselor all come together to create a safety plan that will be most effective. This includes identifying early signs of darkening thoughts as well as specific interventions both the teen and the parent can use to prevent future harm. Through the counseling process, your teen can find hope again. She can become more confident in herself and find more of the joy in her life that she may be missing out on in the moment.

How I Help

I have experience working with teens who are in crisis. I previously worked on-call in the crisis department at Family Service and Guidance Center. I specifically have experience helping teens and their families decide if hospitalization is necessary or if there are supports that can be put into place at home to keep your teen safe while she is processing her feelings.

Once the moment of crisis has passed, I also have experience empowering teens to take back what control of their life they feel they have lost. This means they can see a new “way out” of their pain. I also help teens to build their self-esteem and change their thought patterns so they more easily notice the good in life, instead of focusing on just the negative.

If you believe your teen is feeling suicidal or may be self-harming, call today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to decide if counseling with Katie McCulloch, LPC is right for your teen.

Please note, if you fear your teen is immediately at risk of suicide or self-harm, please call 911 for assistance.


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