Are Child Therapy and Teen Therapy the Same?

Obviously, we all know a child and a teenager behave differently. However, often times professionals are simply designated as someone who works with any aged minor, for example a pediatrician. From a legal standpoint, this makes sense. Both young children and teenagers do not have all of their rights yet and need parental permission for most things. Does this make...[ read more ]

Does Your Teen Need Counseling?

Do you have a moody teenager? One who's withdrawn or who always seems to be getting in a fight with friends and family? It can be hard to tell, is this just being a normal teen? Or is this something more? Even more difficult can be figuring out how to help. It's common for teens to shut down and not...[ read more ]

3 Ways to Cultivate More Self-Compassion

Many people are brought up to always be kind to others. But how many of us were taught to be kind to ourselves? Self-compassion, or self-love, can often seem like a foreign concept, particularly to those raised in an abusive or unloving home.Self- compassion and self-love are not to be confused with arrogance or conceit, which are usually indicators of...[ read more ]

Low Self-Esteem: What is it? What to Do About it

Self-esteem is an opinion we have of ourselves; a way of placing value on ourselves as people. While we may voice characteristics such as “I’m American” or “I have brown eyes,” these are facts that don’t carry a negative or positive connotation.A low self-esteem suggests we carry a negative opinion of ourselves. For example, “I’m unattractive” or “I’m not good...[ read more ]


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