Stressed Out Teens in Topeka, KS

Teens these days have a ton of stressors. As college costs climb (and yet college becomes more necessary than ever), grades to compete for admissions and scholarships become more and more important. Most schools pile on homework that can take hours every night. On top of that, a teen is navigating a social life, both in person and online. Issues of bullying are common, and while at times friends are a great support for a teen, they can also be another stressor. Teens have so much to live up to, and so little free time to do it in.

Is Your Teen Stressed and Anxious?

So how can you tell if your teen is feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Stress can affect so many areas of our lives. It makes it hard to focus, hard to sleep, and can make us grouchy. Grades are harder to keep up, and fights with friends or family become more frequent. Physical health complaints may even arise, too. The mind and body are connected in deep ways, and our emotional health can at times make our physical health suffer.

How Can You Help?

Have you tried talking to your teen about what’s going on, but they seem shut down? This is a normal response to overwhelming feelings. It seems like too much to process at once, so instead we shut down.

This is when counseling can help. Going to a counselor on a regular basis to talk about your feelings, piece by piece, can help your teen take control of their feelings instead of only feeling the overwhelm. During this process, your teen also learns valuable skills in how to manage the difficult emotions and develop healthier coping skills (instead of being silent or yelling at whoever’s nearest).

How I Help

I have experience working with teens and connecting with them at their place in life. Through therapy, teens build confidence and reduce the overwhelm as they become more empowered to take control of the stressors in their lives to make them more manageable.

If your teen in Topeka, KS needs help reducing stress in her life, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation for counseling with Katie McCulloch, LPC.


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